Where there’s wine, good conversations are sure to follow. Let’s set aside our phones and start talking…who knows, we might end up fixing the world.


What we believe in:


You can enjoy wine without being an expert. Enough with the pretense; let’s make wine fun.


We can do things differently than they’ve been done before. Let’s turn the world on its head.


We can talk to everyone about everything as long as there’s respect and empathy, and we know when to listen.


We need to work ethically and responsibly. We work with ethical banks and insurance companies and designate at least 5% of our profits to social and environmental projects. Until we turn a profit, we’ll give 10 cents of every bottle sold to the causes mentioned above.


We need to be as sustainable as possible. We never use plastic cups at any of the events we participate in directly. We’re always on the lookout for more sustainable ways to bottle, package, and transport our wines. We use the most lightweight glass bottles with the lowest carbon footprint.